An FM System is an assistive listening device which is often recommended when the presence of an auditory processing disorder is diagnosed. Earworn personal FM systems have a therapeutic effect on adults & children who present with APD.

The goal of the FM system: To insure that the teacher's voice is THE predominant signal reaching the ear of the listener. For example, if the microphone of the transmitter is at about 6 inches of the mouth of the teacher hence the student hears him/her as if he/she was talking at 6 inches distance from his ears.

Therefore, all the other noises from the classroom are, in comparison, much softer than the voice of the teacher allowing for better comprehension.

There are 2 types of FM systems: individual and free field.

In the individual ones, the student wears a receiver which could either look like a "walkman" with headset or wireless ear-worn model while the teacher wears a transmitter.

The free-field system consists also of a transmitter which is worn by the teacher but in free-field the receiver is either 4 speakers arranged around the classroom or a wall panel type speaker. In this version, the whole classroom benefits from an improved voice to noise ratio.

We sell and rent leading brands of FM systems at our clinic: Oticon, Phonak.

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