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Tinnitus Clinic

We offer a custom tailored intervention for each case of tinnitus or hyperacusis that is specifically designed for people who suffer or are greatly disturbed by their tinnitus or hypersensitivity to sounds.

Vertigo Clinic

Success rate of this type of custom tailored rehabillitaion therapy has an 85% proven track record. For the remaining 15%, it typically greatly improves their quality of life..

Musicians Clinic

In most cases of damage to the auditory system by loud noise, the exposure to these noises is entirely preventable.

Tinnitus Clinic

Our clinic is specifically designed for people who suffer or are greatly disturbed by their tinnitus or their hypersensivity to sounds.

People who are afflicted by these life altering conditions actively seek intervention. Although it is typically a condition that will affect adults, some children also suffer an annoying condition of tinnitus or a disturbing hypersensitivity to sounds. We also can provide services and counseling specifically tailored for each case of tinnitus or hyperacusis. The first meeting which is scheduled for two hours is typically devoted to:

Specifically designed auditory testing

A detailed review of your specific case of tinnitus and/or hyperacusis upon which we discuss the state of the art relief intervention best suited to your specific needs. Amongst these therapeutic options, Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) is offered at our clinic by trained and experienced audiologists.

It is an approach based on a neurophysiological model which aims at "retraining" the brain's perception of the tinnitus so that it's presence eventualy becomes unnoticeable most of the time, therefore reducing greatly its level of annoyance. The average success rate of this particular approach has been over 80% to date.

When applied to hyperacusis, it allows the person to re-establish a tolerance to sound which is closer to normal and gives a patient the freedom to be exposed again to everyday sounds without always feeling overwhelmed by them. Following the first meeting, we decide which therapeutic option is best for you and if further follow up is appropriate.

We also offer progressive tinnitus management & Dr Norena's therapeutic approach, depending on the person's specific needs.

We also dispense and adjust noise generators - tinnitus maskers- and Etymotic earplugs ER-20.

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Vertigo Clinic

Assessment Services: are designed to establish the origin and the cause of the vertigo/dizziness problem. Video Nystagmo Graphy (VNG) replaces the older technology known as ENG-Electro Nystagmo Graphy as a state-of-the-art technique to perform vestibular assessment.

Because of the flexibility of the equipment and the software that processes the results measured during the tests, the assessment protocol can easily be adapted and tailored to each individual according to his or her initial complaints as the procedure unfolds. Testing in addition the dynamic visual acuity, the sensory organization performance, the subjective visual vertical test and of course the presence of BPPV, provides the referring physician with more comprehensive information in order to allow him to properly diagnose the underlying cause of the ailment. This coming spring of 2016, the vHIT will become available.

Rehabilitation Services: vestibular rehabilitation is designed to eliminate or significantly reduce the associated stress, annoyance and anxiety symptoms accompanying the balance problem. Individuals whose symptoms are induced or exacerbated by head movements or by a busy visual environment are the best candidates for improving their condition.

The therapy will focus first on helping to resolve the most challenging situations that the person does encounter in their daily activities and through a custom made program will aim at reducing the symptoms of vertigo or dizziness and whenever possible, at eliminating them. Success rate of this type of custom tailored rehabilitation therapy has an 85% proven track record. For the remaining 15%, it typically greatly improves their quality of life and empowers them in confronting their symptoms.

For people who present with a BPPV condition, we will proceed to complete the correct repositioning maneuvers with a follow up visit.

We use the Dizzy-Fix © as a visual aid, when appropriate.

10 Things You Didn't Know About the Balance (Vestibular) System

Musician Clinic

Certain groups of people are more vulnerable to hearing damage by the very nature of what they do. It is no secret that musicians are in a risky business. Risky in the sense that they are exposed to high levels of sound and always compounded by the fact that musicians are exceptionally passionate about what they hear and should we say sometimes don't hear!

Dedicated to the prevention of hearing loss and/or tinnitus or hypercusis, our clinic is also an educational source for people repeatedly exposed to loud levels of sound. In most cases of damage to the auditory system by loud sound, the exposure to these sounds is entirely preventable.

Know what you need to know to protect your hearing effectively. Good hearing is a major part of music interpretation, as good eyesight is a major part of an artist's awareness.

We carry a full line of speciality hearing protection products for musicians, singers, sound engineers, music lovers, and concert goers. Hearing loss prevention is important for any age group, from babies to seniors.

Visit our musicians' clinic website www.montrealhearingclinic.ca for information on prevention and the hearing conditions that can result by not using preventative methods and care.

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